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About Us

The Office of Capital Post-Conviction Counsel (“PCC”) was created by the 2000 Legislature to provide representation to indigent death parties under the sentence of death in post-conviction proceedings.  A post-conviction proceeding is a procedure, limited in nature, to review those objections, defenses, claims, questions, issues or errors which in practical reality could not be or should not have been raised at trial or on direct appeal. Post-conviction proceedings are for the purpose of bringing to the trial court's attention facts not known at the time of the judgment. CPCC activities are limited to the representation of inmates under the sentence of death in post-conviction proceedings and ancillary matters related directly to post-conviction review of their convictions and sentences and other activities explicitly authorized by statute. (quotations/citations omitted)


Our Staff:

Scott A. Johnson, Executive Director
Alexander D. Kassoff, Sr. Staff Attorney
B. Humphreys McGee, Staff Attorney
Treasure Tyson, Staff Attorney
Greg Spore, Staff Attorney
Pam Hannah, Investigator
Regina Curry, Mitigation Specialist
Rhonda T. Carter, Mitigation Specialist
Shense Carter, Paralegal
Cindi Henry, Legal Assistant